WPS community demonstrates "getting along" with others, whilst being inclusive and accepting of all.  We are honest, respectful, work well together, solve problems and follow school procedures and processes.



WPS community demonstrates "confidence" by welcoming new opportunities and being open to new challenges.  We are willing to "have a go" and to take risks as we develop a positive belief in ourselves.



WPS community demonstrates "organisation" by setting relevant, measurable and achievable goals.  We regularly review our goals by giving and receiving feedback.  We manage our time and resources in order to achieve our goals.



WPS community demonstrates "persistence" by trying hard and not giving up when tasks or goals appear difficult or unachievable.  We take risks and display patience, perseverance and commitment whilst remaining positive.



WPS community demonstrates "resilience" by managing our emotions and behaviour when faced with difficult or challenging situations.  We remain calm and use coping strategies such as positive self talk in order to "bounce back."


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