The mathematics curriculum is organised into three strands; Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability. At Wallan Primary School we use the Victorian Curriculum to plan and implement units of work that are differentiated and cater for student’s individual learning needs, including support and extension. For information regarding the Victorian Curriculum, please click here.


Classrooms schedule 300 minutes of maths lessons throughout a week. During mathematics sessions, students are encouraged to articulate strategies used, consolidate their learning and to extend their knowledge. Units of work include skill lessons and open-ended tasks, allowing students to develop a deeper understanding of concepts taught. Each classroom has access to an extensive range of maths equipment from their maths resource trolley allowing students to explore concepts and develop understandings using concrete materials.


Students develop a proficient understanding of mathematical skills, concepts and processes with a focus on the four proficiencies of Understanding, Problem Solving, Fluency and Reasoning. For more information about the proficiencies, please click here.

Students develop the knowledge and skills to use mathematics confidently across all learning areas at school and in their daily lives.


A range of regular assessment tasks are used to identify students’ prior knowledge, growth and future goals. Our assessments include pre tests, Essential Assessment, Maths Online Early Years Numeracy Interview, On Demand testing, exit slips and teacher anecdotal records.


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