VHAP - Victorian High Ability Program

VHAP consists of ten-week online courses in Mathematics and English for both Primary and Secondary levels. Students engage in synchronous Webex classes with their teachers. They can also engage with the course material on VSV Online outside of the class time.


High achieving students are identifed to participate in this program.


Please see a sample of writing from one of our VHAP writing students, Sienna. 


Super Mum! 

By Sienna Smith


“MUM! I’M THIRSTY” Wailed kid 1.  

“Okay, I’ll get you some water!” 

 “Mum I’m hungry!” Yelled kid 2.  

“Okay, I’ll start cooking dinner.” 

 “Mum! I can’t find my homework!” Cried kid 3.  

“Okay, I’ll find it!” Mum said, wondering why her life was like this every day. All 4 of her kids always relied her to do everything for them! They didn’t even clean their own room! Kate never got any rest, but one miraculous night, her kids didn’t scream and cry… They didn’t even say her name! The usually mischievous kids… went to bed without being told. They walked with their arms draped down the sides of their slouched bodies, like mindless robots. But Kate was too overjoyed to care, she walked to her room and fell lifelessly onto her bed, thankful for sleep. She instantly fell into a deep slumber. 

BANG! A flash of light pulled her out of sleep. She slowly woke, her vision was blurry and her ears were ringing. It was as if she was just hit over the head with a pan! Kate looked around her room and noticed something unusual, her locket that she always put on her bedside table, was… MISSING! She frantically jumped out of bed and looked under the bedside table, thinking it fell. But instead of her locket… there was a note. Kate hesitantly picked it up, but as she started to open it she felt something pulling her from behind. She turned her head and saw a portal! I’M BEING SUCKED IN! She tried to resist it, but as she did, she tripped and fell backwards into the portal! “AHHHHHH” 

Kate’s eyes blinked open. “WOAHH” She shrieked. 

“Calm down Kate! It’s just me Frawter! Why are you lying on the ground?” Said the friendly looking creature. 

 “H-how do you know my name?” Kate asked. 

 “I am your mentor! You’re here for your locket, aren’t you? Well, my job is to guide you and help you out. Your first clue is in your pocket!” Frawter explained. 

Kate reached into her pocket and sure enough, there it was. She opened it up and read it aloud:  

On the hills you will play, 

While the sun is shining bright as day, 

But if you don’t go soon 

It might become afternoon. 

And you will never know, 

Where you need to go! 

“I think I know what it means!” Kate exclaimed. She ran as fast as she could. 

 “Where are we going?” Frawter asked, trying to keep up. 

 “We have to get to the hills before noon.” She said, while she ran. Within just a few minutes they had arrived at the hill. And there it was, the next clue! She picked it up, and opened it.  

Now let’s see the sunflower maze, 

Just remember not to get a graze, 

For if you get hurt on the field, 

You will never be healed… 

“Umm... okay then. Just don’t get hurt!” Kate said nervously. They walked silently to the sunflower maze. By the time they got there it was already night time, the moon was shining bright in the clear sky, giving them just enough light to see where they were going. CRUNCH! SNAP! “What was that?” whispered Kate. 

“Oh-No! I forgot to mention the evil mastermind that stole your locket made minions to hunt us down. They are call “Traws” because they have warts on their feet that explode poison!” Frawter taught her.  

“AND YOU FORGOT TO TELL ME?!” Kate cried, a little bit too loud.  

“HEHAHEHAEHMUEHAHA!” Then a Traw came around the corner, with poison oozing out of his warts with every step he took.  

“RUN!” both of them yelled as they ran inside the maze. They ran into a dead end a few times, but luckily they got out without getting hurt. 

When they got to the end of the maze, Frawter pulled something out of his pocket and gave it to Kate. “What’s this- Wait… is this the next clue?” Kate asked with a hint of anger. 



“I wasn’t allowed to! But before you open it I should probably tell you, I can’t come with you for this next bit.” Frawter told her. Kate opened the note, and read it: 

Now you have a hard decision to make, 

jump dont fake, 

Or you can go back without your stuff 

I know this will be tough 

Kate looked up from the paper and realised they were on a cliff. She went to the edge and looked down, but she couldn’t see very well because off the thick layer of mystic fog. She stepped back and turned to Frawter. “What do I do?” She asked, with tears in her eyes.  

“I told you… I can’t help you here” He said sorrowfully and with that he disappeared. Kate read the note again. What do I do? I think I HAVE to jump, if I want my mum’s locket back… She thought. Kate was petrified! What if this was all a trick… what if she fell to her death. There is only one way to find out. And with that she walked up to the edge, took a few deep breathes and jumped! “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” She shrieked. THUMP! Kate was saved… by a dragon! “Wow” she gasped. She felt something pressing against her hand, noticing it was a pouch she opened it and saw a note that said do not open until you are in the meadow. Kate looked into the pouch again and saw something shiny. She grabbed it, gasping with excitement. Her Locket! “YES!” She put it around her neck and gripped the dragon tightly as it soared through the air. 

A few minutes later Kate was dropped off at the meadow. She thanked the dragon and watched it fly off. She looked around, and in the distance was Frawter, standing next to a portal. 

“Hi, Frawter!” Kate said excitedly. 

“Hi! You jumped I see. You have one last big decision. Its time to open that note,” he told her. Kate reluctantly grabbed the note and opened it. It said: 

Is it time to go back, 

Or not, 

You can decide. 

“So, what’s it going to be, Super Mum?” He asked. Kate looked surprised  

“I would love to stay but… I have to get back to my family! Thank you for helping me Frawter!” Kate said, apologetically. Frawter understood and they said their good byes. Kate walked through the portal and was spat back out into her room, as if nothing had ever happened. And like normal Kate’s kids were screaming and crying… But she learned she didn’t need to do everything for her kids.  

“MUM I'M THIRSTY” Wailed kid 1. 

“Well, get yourself some water!”  

“Mum! I'M HUNGRY!” Yelled kid 2.  

“Well, get yourself a snack!”  

“MUM! I can’t find my homework!” Cried kid 3. 

“Well, look properly!”  

This is how Kates life is now every day. It’s a lot more peaceful! 



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