Harmony Day

This year Wallan Primary School is celebrating Harmony Week. Harmony week is about bringing together everyone in our community to celebrate the different aspects that make us unique. The Harmony message this year is Everyone Belongs.

We will begin celebrating Harmony Day on Monday the 21st March with a cultural dress day. Students are invited to come dressed in either their cultural clothing or with a flag to represent their culture or in orange as orange is the colour of Harmony Day. This is an out of uniform day and there is no cost.

With the message of Everyone Belongs we would love to celebrate where each child in our school comes from. We want to know the history of our students. Where did their ancestors come from? What country do they identify with? What language do they speak at home?

We will be creating a display in the school showcasing the flags of each and every one of our students. Please return the form sent home last week, so we can make sure that your child is represented on our wall and return it to the school by Friday 4th March.


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