Congratulations to our 2023 School Leaders

Over the past few weeks our teachers Erin Woodhouse, Hayley Sanders and the year 5 and 6 teams have been collaborating with our students in the initial steps of our wonderful Wallan PS Student leadership program.

Students have been learning about the qualities of a leader, written applications and some of our students sat a formal interview with Erin Woodhouse (student leader coordinator) and myself. I was impressed with the students and their ideas that they shared in the interviews. When you have students making comments such as ‘we need to show our friends that we are all leaders even if we do not have a badge,’ and ‘we need to value each and every individual's culture’ I am very proud of our school.

Our 2023 School Captains are Ali and Allanah

Our 2023 Vice School Captians are Abeer and Sherri

Congratulations on their fantastic interviews and we are excited to see the impact they will have in 2023.

We had a formal badge ceremony presentation where we presented our School Captains, Vice School Captains, House Captains, Class Captains and Sports Captains with their badges.

Thank you to all the students who applied for these positions. As the year progresses there will be a variety of leadership opportunities for students in various year levels. As our School Captains explained we don’t always wear a formal badge but we are all leaders at different times and we always need to demonstrate our school values.


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